Heraklea team

Sanja Gomuzak, CEO

Since Sanja came to Heraklea, nothing is the same and we don’t know how we made it through the day before. It’s enough to see her computer screen and hear the sound of her mobile phone to understand that she should not be taken lightly. Although she claims to hate finances, she can calculate really good when it comes to putting together offers for potential clients. When she calls, both suppliers and mystery shoppers tremble. And the clients don’t even think to say: the boss approves only half of the invoice or we pay only what we have to. Considering our longlasting search for normal employees, Sanja has, in the meanwhile, become an HR guru, discovering fake CVs in a split second, and anyone who survives an interview with her is, without doubt, worthy of employment at Heraklea. She is excellent in a lot of areas, sales, contact with people, setting prices in offers for clients and she is an expert copywriter as well. On the 1st April 2012 she’s taking over the conductor’s baton in Heraklea to lead us to new victories.


ŽELJKA JOINOVIĆ, Project manager

Our colleague Željka was leaving and got back to Heraklea several times. It is as simple as possible – we cannot do business without her and she cannot go on without us.  🙂 Željka brings peace and quiet to Heraklea and her best friends (except us of course) are Marti, Excel tables and charts and mystery shoppers. And yes, we are still not allowed to ask her anything before 10 am until she completely wakes up, but she still makes the best coffee ever.


ŽELJKA BAKMAZ, Project manager 

When other Željka came to Heraklea, the confusion came with her. Now, with two persons named Željka, there is often mix-up in phone conversations. Her mathematician mind decided to switch the mathematical formulas with interesting everyday fieldwork stories which cannot be predicted by any mathematical rule or theorem. A true team player brought the new energy to our small team; and also the new appearance of the office because the old one wasn’t logical and symmetrical enough.  🙂

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