How do we work?

We choose to be EXCELLENT and not BIG!

In cooperation with our clients we apply the following principles:

– Buyer is the one who provides us with salary.

– Complaints are a gift.

– We are the example of excellent service. We are quick, easy to work with; we are always a source of solution, not additional problem to our client.

– We do not bargain.

– We do not compensate.

We address employees and mystery shoppers in the following manner:

– Our people are always at the first place.

– Not everybody can work for us – we choose our partners carefully, they are the basis of our performance.

– We employ people with the right attitude towards service quality and we constantly educate them for everything else.

Towards suppliers and partners:

– We pay on time.

– We have a long-term attitude towards suppliers, win-win relationship.

Towards the media and public:

– We respond to all inquiries always and immediately, as soon as possible.

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