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When we want to solve any problem, first step is to realize our current position. When we do that we will find a chain of solutions and improve our efficiency in short time. The same thing is with customer service and mystery shopping.

Heraklea measures, improves and promotes the importance of customer service.

Measuring: Mystery shopping, mystery calling, mystery e-mail and web

Service quality can be measured by mystery visits to your spots of sales, mystery calls (toward your spots of sales, branches, call centre), sending e-mail queries and by analyzis of your web page. You can measure service quality at your own business but at your competitors as well. In fact, whatever is measured at your company, can be measured at competitors.


Education about customer service for employees – True service quality

Education “True service quality” provides you with all the necessary knowledge and skills for customer orientation but also explains why and how to do so. It is based on individual approach to a client and uses recent mystery shopping results in your company with special highlight on areas of improvement.

Heraklea Customer Service Akademija

Based on more than 100.000 customer service analysis we have developed a program that is based on 5 unique steps that are preparing you to improve your customer service. Consequences of these five steps would be increasing number of loyal customers, their increased spendings and your increased profit as well. Which are the steps and how you can use them find out HERE.


Public researches – Summer, GUEST, Smiling report, Queue survey, Service starts with Hello… more info about our researches find out HERE (Research results are provided in Croatian.)

Mystery shopping day

Customer Service Commitment Award

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