What do people say about us?




Đurđica Šimičić, City of Mali Lošinj Tourist Office, Managing Director

“It is always a challenge to start a new project and be the first one to do it. And that is exactly what happened with the project of mystery guest at destination – at the island of Lošinj, at the beginning of cooperation between Town of Mali Lošinj Tourist Office and Heraklea.

The whole Heraklea team was extremely professional and kind and results were available extremely fast. Correct reporting, sensibility to details, instructions and help, modern and fast communication with reasonable approach helped us a lot and were great assistant to our work.

I would like to thank Heraklea for a successful cooperation, I believe that our customer service will improve and I wish all the best to Heraklea and many clients that appreciate their quality.” 


 Dijana Škvorčević, Fox trend d.o.o., Brand Manager

„Mystery shopping is an excellent method, it makes my work much easier, without it our sales would be 40% lower. It is a key method for motivation of employees which I think is the factor no. 1 for a successful sale: knowledge + non-motivated employee = average result, knowledge + motivated employee = maximum result“.


Ana Bagarić, Opel SE Europe, Market&Forecast analyst

„I would like to thank the whole team for professionally conducted project, especially for the quickness of the work.“ 


Azur Abadžić, Kraš trgovina d.o.o., CEO  

“Conduction of mystery shopping is good and wise business decision if you are prepared to accept the truth contained in reports, based on how customers evaluate us. This moment of truth should be used bravely for corrections and improvement of our weaknesses. I sincerely thank Heraklea for cooperation full of quality and quick reporting. You do your business very analytically and professionally.” 

Dalibor Marić, Vegehop restaurant, Owner

„We are delighted with your report. I couldn’t even imagine that your work is that professional. After this report, I can see longer cooperation than I have expected.“


Zdenko Posavec, Managing Director, Hotel Antunović

“Antunović Hotel Zagreb is using several ways of controlling customer satisfaction: there is a questionnaire “We appreciate your opinion”, Mystery shopping, daily communication of employees at their workplace – Guest relation, Quality manager, questionnaires at web portals etc. The most efficient and favourite is Mystery shopping. Why?

Except providing information about hotel itself, our offers, quality of services, emotions, business feedback you also get propositions how to improve your services and what changes you can make to avoid or correct mistakes for which we all believe that are invisible for customers.

We made smiling standards (yes, that is possible), we changes name tags, improved breakfast and despite the fact that nobody likes critics we are looking forward our next Mystery shopping. Quality can always be better, and it is best recognized by customers!”


Diona d.d., Alisa Tartaro, Marketing Manager

“We are aware that the key of success is an excellent service. Mystery shopping helped us to become aware of the level of service quality that we provide and to communicate it towards all of our employees, starting with CEO and ending with each and every one of employees at our stores. That is what prepared a ground for improvement and we can already see good results. We thank Heraklea for a great partner-relationship and their useful suggestions that are welcomed anytime.”


WESTEND School of foreign languages, Lana Varšek, co-owner

“It all starts with a vision. What kind of service to provide, to whom, for which counter-value. The more creative ones commit themselves to improving the service. However, it is the more courageous and self-reflective ones who opt for “The Moment of Truth”. This means calling Kristina Horbec and arranging with her mystery shoppers do act at the service of the service, its users and, mostly, the owner of the service/ vision.

Prepared to be cross-examined, praised, criticised, demystified, you nevertheless dare to log in onto Marti and read their reports. And there – there is much to learn – absolute support to your business, well-intended appraisals, pointing at both positive and to-be-improved aspects of service provision, with concrete suggestions, altogether a generous contribution beyond your expectations.

Heraklea is more than a mystery shopping agency. Heraklea is a strategic partner with the mission of raising awareness of all participants in the sale-purchase process, activating their potential and encouraging creativity. This truly is a formula for not win-win but rather win-win-win…:)

Thank you indeed.”


Pliva Hrvatska d.o.o., Sanja Benco, Sales Director

„Heraklea conducted a real good quality mystery shopping and did in a really short period, even in one day everything was over. We sent our query on Thursday at 14:00 and all the results were online next day at 16:00”


METRO Cash & Carry , Igor Kotaran, Marketing Director

 „MS results are continuously presented to our colleagues at Sales department. The objective analysis of our business provides us a different picture than the one we have, it shows the way our customers see us. The information we receive are analyzed and serve us as a ground for creating a business strategy of improving relationship with our clients.

Every new wave of mystery shopping is used as evaluation of primarily set goals and as a measure of success at improving the quality of service at our stores.

Mystery shopping is an excellent tool at improving relationships with our clients. In accordance with the MS reports, we can effectively note our disadvantages and improve our complete service to clients. “


Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb, Ljudevit Gračanin, Assistant Director

„Satisfaction of our customers has always been our priority. Considering that sometimes is hard to be objective to ourselves we have decided to use mystery shopping and now we can say that it was a right decision. Mystery shopping showed us a way to a better understanding of our customers that will, together with our clients, help us to reach an optimum of our business and a complete synergy with our clients.”


EUROline d.o.o., Ferdo Počuča,

„As it is familiar, EUROline is a main authorized representative of Daimler AG concern with the whole palette of vehicles, including personal class of Mercedes-Benz and Smart, economic class of Mercedes-Benz trucks, transporters and busses and it is main authorized representative of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles in Croatia. Considering Croatian laws we are obligated to conduct quality researches toward our customers and one of them is mystery shopping.

When creating scenarios for MS we tried to include all of our business standards and we managed to do it. The goal of MS was to ensure our dealers noting the areas of discrepancy so they could manage them and improve the quality of their service.

What we found out was that mystery shopping was an extremely valuable tool, specially the fact that each of our dealers could see its own results online any time which make mystery shopping process more comfort.“


Pavletić d.o.o., Vesna Pavletić, CEO

“Your reports are extremely detailed and objective in comparison with the agency we used to cooperate with. Their reports were based on sentence: “We came, they said, we left…”


Pavletić d.o.o.,  Ljiljana Tomac, Sales Director

„I would like to point out an extreme professionalism of Heraklea employees and their approach to our project, as well as really quick information transfer which is very important in our business. Their promptness and adaptability to our requests and changes ensure us if we are developing in a right direction. Our cooperation will definitely continue in the future, considering the pleasure for both of us.“


PZ Auto d.o.o. Alma Lisse, Human resources director

“Mystery Shopping is a really quality feedback if you previously clearly define your criteria and expectations from the Mystery Shopping agency. From our experience we can say that if your criteria and the average customer are clearly defined, mystery shopping results will help in correcting and/or affirming the expectations.”


T-HT d.d., Sanja Bračun, Market research manager

„Classic methods of consumers’ satisfaction research could not give us compatible answers anymore, so we decided to use Mystery Shopping. In a short period we received particular results that none of the quantity research could give us. We are aware that our approach to customers should be in accordance with their expectations and only with continuously measuring of the service quality we will know if we are acting right. Consumers’ expectations keep on changing as well as our offer of services so our approach is supposed to be changing too. In all these processes Mystery Shopping helps us a lot when measuring the level of meeting the standards and defined rules.“


Pet centar d.o.o., Croatia, Ljiljana Markov, CEO

“Mystery shopping is an excellent tool that has in a relatively short period increased the level of our customer service, enabling us to identify our weak areas, which we before that could not even identify, and take actions in order to improve these areas. By using monthly mystery shopping results as one of the key criteria for employees’ bonuses, we motivated all employees to give excellent customer service each time. Mystery shopping has thus become integral part of our business and we plan to use it long-term in all of our shops, as one of the most important business tools for continuous measurement and increasing the level of customer service.”


Hoteli Maestral d.d., Davorko Obuljen, Director of Board

“We are hoteliers and guests’ pleasure is at the first place to us. What we outshine in Dubrovnik is high quality of personalized service and friendly relationship with customers who therefore feel like at home in our hotels. Therefore we are constantly improving service quality and different methods inform us what our guests think about our service. But it is not enough just to improve service quality, also it is very important to quality measure the satisfaction of our guests and define segments where we can be even better. Therefore we chose Mystery Shopping, which helped us to detect weak spots in short period of time with accuracy that former methods did not provide. Besides, Mystery Shopping effect was very affirmative because it created competitive atmosphere and everybody is trying to work as quality as possible. “Wellness in Hotel Uvala received award for the best city wellness in Croatia in 2007, and that we can partly thank to Heraklea too because it helped us to improve the quality of our service.”


Poslovni savjetnik, Sandra Mihelčić, CEO

“Software Marti is really simple and user friendly. Thank you very much for presentation and professionally conducted mystery shopping project.”





‘Such business performance is a rarity! I am pleasantly surprised. You could be a role model to many. All of us, your co-operators, might learn something good and pragmatic from You’ R.L.

“This is a rare fair company. Just like a big family.’ D.P.

‘My first impressions are great. We have an interesting and useful job. Your organisation is great and every day I look forward to new information from You.’ Z.L.

‘You are really well organised’ M.G.

‘I am really happy to be a part of your team and I wish you a lot of success!’ S.R-Š.

‘I see that mystery shopping really functions. A great difference in changing crucial behaviour elements is visible. I was really surprised. Congratulations!’ V.L.

‘I am proud to be a part of Your team’ R.M.

‘It is a pleasure to witness your professional development and to be a part of the whole project. You (we) are really great!’ I.M.

‘Thank you for the support you gave me after my first mystery shopping experience! You are truly great!’ G.P.

‘I just wanted to thank you for the swiftness in payment, but also for the well prepared tasks.’ Ž.J.

‘I did not know that the fees will be paid so quickly. I worked with other agencies and I used to forget about my money by the time I finally got it.’ M.G.

‘I am more than satisfied with the fee!’ D.P.

‘Thank you for contacting me so quickly! It is no wonder that the media say great things about you!’ T.R

‘I must admit that this job is great fun!’ P.S.

‘Thanks for the stimulation. I must admit that with each new task I enjoy more. I lost the fear and I am really looking forward to each new task!’ D.D.

‘Thanks for the compliments and encouragement before assessment.’ D.H.

‘It is nice to have feedback. In this job, the satisfaction after having something done is also important, as well as the fact that our effort was beneficial to someone.’ A.M.

‘It shows that you care about your co-operators.’ M.G.

‘Although it was by accident, I am glad that I became your co-operator. You have brought something new to my life and you enriched it. ‘ I.K.

‘This job is really fun!’ D.D.

‘Even before I knew that interest for this job is great and I was surprised when I passed all selection levels and was selected as mystery shopper. Being a mystery shopper has opened some new horizons for me. Now I see how good it is to be informed about everything, even with the most trivial things.’ J.K.

‘Being a mystery shopper has really boosted my self-confidence in many aspects of life that include people contact, both privately and professionally. I have learned how to better ask for and get information, take the best out of the person you talk to, believe that it is possible to be better and achieve more. I have become more demanding, but also more patient. In fact, this is not a job to me but a part of my everyday life. Shopping has a new dimension for me now – it has become a challenge, but also satisfaction.’ I.B.

‘It is a true pleasure to ‘get out to the field’ and conduct a task successfully. The feeling that we contribute to service quality improvement is also important.’ D.G

‘Working as a mystery shopper has helped me gain various experience in writing, grammar, using the Internet etc. It gave me self-confidence, individuality, education, courage and many other positive characteristics that make a successful individual.’ A.P.

“I have to point out that as Heraklea’s mystery shopper I have only the most positive experience, and I especially like the fair and friendly approach as well as the opportunity to harmonise assessments wand my private life. AS a mystery shopper I have learned to write, express myself and notice things that normally I wouldn’t see at all. I have learned a lot about the Croatian language from my mistakes.” N.B.





“You are fantastic! We are proud to have you as a member” MSPA Europe

‘Your newsletter is catchy and useful and I really enjoy getting it. I used your advice on what can be done for the buyer from your last Newsletter and rubbed it in everyone’s noses.’ I.N.

‘As a Customer Satisfaction manager of many years, all I can say is ‘Bravo and keep up the good work!’ Ž.P.

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