Heraklea Celebrates 10 Years in Business

In 2012 Heraklea is celebrating its 10th year in business. Starting out in 2002, we heard comments such as “Who’s going to buy that service?” “Ahh, things that young people come up with these days…” and “Our friends and relatives inform us when something is wrong.”

In 2012 Heraklea can boast as an employer of five educated mystery shopping experts, more than 600 mystery shoppers working as part time associates, two European awards for the most successful promotion of the quality of service in southeast Europe, organization of the world mystery shopping conference in Dubrovnik, organization of the first Croatian Award for the dedication to the quality of service and starting the first Customer Service Academy. Heraklea’s owner and CEO Kristina Horbec won the Manager of the year award, was nominated for the Woman of the year award, got a recognition from the Mystery Shopping Providers Association for the remarkable personal contribution to mystery shopping and wrote the first expert book about mystery shopping in the world – Measuring Management and The Moment of Truth, as well as the book The Secret of the Missing Customer.

The pioneering role in the promotion of the quality of service, shown in organization of Mystery Shopping Day, writing articles and blog about service, conducting a number of studies and professional lectures and choosing examples of the best service, paid off. Today, Heraklea has over 250 clients from all industries and the financial results for 2011 are the best ever. The impressive number of new clients, eight of them in the first month of 2012, firmly suggests that the role of mystery shoppers, the importance of measuring and advancing the quality of service and its influence on profit have finally been recognized. Those that mistakenly thought that it makes sense to cut the expenses for the existing customers’ satisfaction in the middle of the economic crisis have burned their fingers. And changed their plans now.

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